Well, I grew up as a pastor’s kid... still am. When I was a kid, God showed me that I would be a kids’ minister. Since I was extremely shy, the thought of doing that scared me and excited me at the same time! Even as a teen, I couldn’t imagine it...

Beginning the summer of my first year of college, this part of God’s plan began to unfold! In 1995, I married Neal, my best friend! Soon after, Sarah and Hannah, our two daughters, were added to the mix!

All along the way, God has placed me in ministry with some really cool people. These people have mentored me through the years, and I am so grateful! I have served in kids and family ministry for 26 years now, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Now you can find me here at michellepullins.com as I blog about equipping and empowering kids of all ages to share their faith! I am currently creating and writing all kinds of fun stuff to help people accomplish this amazing mission that we all are charged to do for Christ.