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move over bundle


Get the move over talkbox + MOVE OVER book all in one bundle! Great news is ... it's on sale! You get the book for 1/2 price... hooray!

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about move over talkbox

how to talk to kids about... faith!

Follow along with Donkey, Pig, Penguin, & Frog on their journey as they learn what faith is and how to use it! I can't wait to hear from you about the mountains God is going to move in your life!

What's included?

  • 3 conversation starter devotionals and prayers
  • 3 activities to reinforce the conversations
  • memory verse reward chart
  • surprises: stickers, button pins, and more

The activities in this box can be done as a family. However, if you would prefer for each child to have their own surprises, additional surprises may be ordered.


about MOVE OVER book

Donkey and his family are packed and on their way to a party at Aunt Ida Mae's. But along their journey, something gets in their way, and it has to be moved.

What do they need to do to get this obstacle out of their way?

There is something that God has given to each one of them. It's really small, but it can do BIG things. In this book, the family learns what faith is and how to use it!