Move Over

Donkey and his family are packed and on their way to a party at Aunt Ida Mae's. But along their journey, something gets in their way, and it has to be moved.

What do they need to do to get this obstacle out of their way?

There is something that God has given to each one of them. It's really small, but it can do BIG things. In this book, the family learns what faith is and how to use it!


What People are Saying...

"What a fun book! Move Over is an inspiring tale of faith that teaches kids what God can do in their lives. The pictures are colorful and engaging. This book is a great way to learn an important lesson from the Bible. My kids loved reading it and asked for it again and again."
"Very sweet. Enjoyed reading this little book and being reminded of how faith can move mountains! Perfect for Sunday School class and at home."
"MOVE OVER" is a great tool to teach kids the power Faith can have in their lives. The story reminds us all that with FAITH in God mountains will move. It touched my heart as a mom while entertaining and teaching my daughter. Michelle Pullins has created lovable, fun characters that express the love she has for Christ and children. Our family fell in love with these characters and look forward to many more books in this series. "MOVE OVER" is a valuable addition to any child's personal library. LOVE IT!"